Earth, Sky, and Fire. (Part I)

This past weekend, Monica and I went to the Southern Thunder Rocket Meet in Manchester, TN.  On Sunday, June 22, When Monica launched her Redstone with a Mercury Capusle on an H-engine, she earned her level 1 certification.


My partner, Monica, the proud builder and flier of the Redstone Rocket. On June 22, it flew without “screwing the pooch.”

Later Sunday afternoon, Monica launched her Phoenix Missile on an I-engine.  Although the flight was spectacular, the engine mount burned away during the flight.  Despite the timely parachute deployment, the heat of the engine left the rocket damaged beyond repair. This fiery launch is shown in slow-motion video below the still-shot of Monica setting up the Phoenix.


Monica preparing the Phoenix Missile.

Monica preparing the Phoenix Missile.



This lovely weekend in the sultry Tennessee sun gave me a chance to function as a family with Monica.  With Monica’s fellow rocketeers, we formed practically a small village.  We all provided troubleshooting, spare parts, and slow-motion video replay of launches.  Much like the biological sciences of my M-F job, aerospace is a community pursuit.


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